Sir Junn

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Sir Jinn


Oaklore, all the way left and in door under potion icon.

Door to the Infirmary


Captain Rolith: Sir Junn is our medic. His infirmary is full of patients. Can you see what is going on?

Important text

Sir Junn: Welcome to the infirmary! *Whispers* You have not been eating your apple a day, have you? -Talk- Sir Junn: Due to the Vurr'men attacks, Bees and the Sea Serpent -- things have been very busy in here!


Heal, Potion Refill


The Sweetest Thing, aka Honey Quest


  • His name is a pun on the word "Surgeon".
  • You can find him in AdventureQuest Worlds in invaded castle of Swordhaven.