Guardian Dragon

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Guardian Dragon


The Guardian Dragon


The Guardian Dragon, is the dragon that is the most powerful and he Galanoth is still hunting him when he was set free by the guardian hehehe.....

Important text

Guardian Dragon: Greetings <Character>! I have been expecting you.
<Character>: Uh ... Hi. Where are we?
Guardian Dragon: This is my home. It is a space which is one step to the left of reality. I've been waiting here for a very long time.
<Character>: Ah. Then you must be ... hungry. *gulp*
Guardian Dragon: Yes. I'm very hungry. It has been a very long time since I have tasted mortal food. Do you have any crackers or something?
<Character>: ...
<Character>: ... Not ON me.
Guardian Dragon: Well ... whatever. I have summoned you here because of the legends and prophecies surrounding you and your dragon.
Guardian Dragon: Centuries ago, I left the world and the Guardians lost their last skill... the power to summon me to fight by there side.
Guardian Dragon: So I have waited here, patiently, for the one who would heal the rift between Dragons and Humans.
Guardian Dragon: I offer you this test. Face me in a test of power. If you win the test I will teach you the last Guardian skill.
Guardian Dragon: It will be yours to use as you see fit, and you will unlock this power for all the other Guardians.
Guardian Dragon: But be warned ... if you fail my test ...
Guardian Dragon: ... Then you will only leave this place with a brand new toaster and a gift certificate to McDrakels.
<Character>: What's a Drakel?
Guardian Dragon: Don't worry about it.
<Character>: OK ...
<Character>: ... Your test seems a little impossible. I mean ... you're a dragon who lives on another plane. I have trouble cooking dinner.
Guardian Dragon: Hmmm. I see your point. Alright then ...
Guardian Dragon: To make things more even I will unleash your dragon's full potential. Then It will be a fair fight.
Guardian Dragon: What do you say?

After you summoned your Dragon
Guardian Dragon: That's better. Let us begin!

After you defeated the Guardian Dragon
Guardian Dragon: Well done, hero! I grant you the power to call on me and use my strength to aid you in battle!
Guardian Dragon: Lady Celestia was right about you. There may still be hope.


  • Gives the Last Guardian Skill