Guardian Blade (Level 29)

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Guardian Blade
The Icon representing Guardian Blade (Level 29)
Guardian Blade (Level 29)
This is the ancient weapon of the Guardians. Who knows what secrets this sword holds.
Level Required: 29
Equipment Type: Sword
Damage: 1 - 99
DPT: 50
Damage Type: Melee, Metal
Rarity: 1
Location: Lord Valorus
Price: 9,000 Gold
Sellback: 900 Gold
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon
Dragon Amulet Needed: No


  • You need to be an AdventureQuest Guardian to purchase this weapon.
  • This sword has been noted as extremely unpredictable, but it is confirmed that you can master this weapon if you have 40 stat points in STR.


Crit: +2

END: +2