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Damage per Turn: This is the way to grade a weapon's overall power. All classes do an average of 2x DPT when used effectively. The bigger the range of damage the more wild a weapon is. Example: 5 to 5 damage is stable.... 1 to 10 damage is wild. Both are 5 DPT.

How to compare weapons when the DPT difference is small, ie < 2 (sometimes) 3.

  • 1. Check to see if the DPT has been rounded down. To do this simply average the max and minimum damage of the weapon. You should get either, the listed DPT or the DPT + 0.5. Now we have a un-rounded more accurate DPT to use for further calculations.
  • 2. Now we add in your strength (str), one point of damage for every two points of str. Keep in the mind the maximum additional damage is 20% of the weapons maximum hit. So for our 5 to 5 example 5*0.2 = 1 more DPT (Assuming our str is 2 or more) = 6DPT. For wild 1- 10 ; 10 *0.2 = 2 more DPT (Assuming our str is 4 or more) = 7.
  • 3. Bonuses - the grey area

a) Offensive - Crit and Bonus to hit, add them up and use the total as a percentage multiplier. ie: +2 BNS and + 1 Crit = 3 so DPT = DPT*1.03. I do this because the effective damage of not missing and doing critical double hit is the same. In both cases I believe the chance is changed one to one by the listed modifier. b) When fighting a boss the usefulness of some defensive bonuses can be approximated by adding them in with the offensive ones. This is true of block, parry and dodge I think have a equal chance of working depending on the situation. The exceptions are, the elemental bonus are usually useless. The same goes for ranged and magic in player versus enemy, while in player versus automated player character all three types of defense bonus are situational dependent c)Others...Special effects such as doom weapons or (player statistic mods)? could be taken into account as well

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