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Lord Valorus' ghost


Lord Alexander Valorus' ghost is found behind the secured door deep within the Willowshire Guardian Tower's basement during the Race to the KeyGems quest.


Lord Alexander Valorus was the first commander of the Guardian Tower of Nature.

Important text

When you get all the 4 gems from each dungeon and enter the vault:


Lord Valorus: You arrived too late. It was taken from here just before the attack on this tower.
Player: What was taken?
Lord Valorus: You mean you do not know?
Player: ?
Lord Valorus: So you are not the Commander of this tower? This is strange turn of events indeed.
My name is Lord Alexander Valorus, Guardian of the Thorn and the first Commander of the Tower.
I took an oath to guard the secrets of our Order's powers with my very soul. Then, accidentally sealed myself in this Tower 980 years ago.
In retrospect, both actions were pretty silly.
If you are ever tasked with creating a secure vault... be certain to put door handles on both sides.
I knew that you would arrive here around this time....you see, I was there when we found them.
We all knew that would happen and the chain of events would create a Hero. Who would have guessed it would be a <player's class>?
Player: What are you talking about... what is "IT"?
Lord Valorus: My oath does permit me to say. But I can tell you who took it.
She had a look in her eyes reminded me of the Rare Item hunters I used to travel with.
You must not let this power fall into the wrong hands. Go quickly friend, and warn the other Towers.
If they are not under attack yet.... they soon will be.

Dragon Amulet (only if you have a dragon amulet, can you understand Draconic)

Player: Do you know anything about the Dragon Amulet?
Lord Valorus: *He speaks in a language that sounds like boulders rumbling. You can feel the words in your chest more than hear it*
Your Dragon Amulet begins to glow.....
You can now understand Draconic.
Lord Valorus: It was 1,000 years ago that our wise and noble King sent us to investigate the monsters.
Back then we were all just adventurers looking to make a few gold.
Our lands were suddenly ravaged by elemental monsters. Each type originating from a different source.
We fought our way to the center of one of these monster hordes.... we were not ready for what we found.
The Kingdom was torn to pieces because of it. In the wake of those harsh times, we took our oaths.
We would use this power for good, and keep it from the hands of evil.
We built these Towers to mark them and defend them. We serve no King, but the entire world.
Even this vault was not secure enough to contain this power though. So we put a lock on the power.
The Amulet around your neck...
Player: ...is the key!
<thinks> Woah... did I just speak Draconic?
Lord Valorus: I wish you luck on your Adventures, if things go anything like last time... you will need it!
Player: <thinks> Last time?



Sells four different versions of the Guardian Blade in the Tower Spirit Shop. A level 5 blade for 1000 Gold, a level 10 blade for 5000 Gold, a level 20 blade for 7000 Gold and a level 29 blade for 9000 Gold. You need to be an AdventureQuest Guardian to purchase them though.

Draconic Language

Teaches the draconic language to Dragon Amulet bearers when asked about Dragon Amulets.