Friday The 13th - The Last Stand!

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Friday The 13th - The Last Stand!
Before: It is Friday the 13th again. After his first defeat the flew off to rest and heal it's wounds. Now he has returned for vengance, and this time... it's personal!
After: You did it! The Deadwood Destroyer has been defeated once again, and driven back to his mysterious home! This Friday the 13th the people of Falconreach can count themselves lucky!
Location Info
Level Required: All
Location: Falconreach (no longer available)
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Deadwood Destroyer (Scaled Level)
NPCs: Zorbak, Twilly
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: Unlucky Dark Dagger, The 13th Ring, Unlucky Dark Staff, Unlucky Dark Sword


Zorbak: Meh, all the heroes keep breaking the masks. I think I have enough to...

Player: ZORBAK!

Exclamation mark on Zorbak.

Zorbak: What?

Player: Are you responsible for the undead attack on this town?

Zorbak: Meh, no! I was looking to start a new Hockey Team and these undead skeletons just happened to be plodding through.

Player: You have to be kidding me....

Player: Are you telling me you sat here and put hockey masks on soldiers from SOMEONE ELSE'S undead army?

Player: Anyway, the season is nearly over. It's a bit too late to start a new team.

Zorbak: Meh, it's never too early to start training.

Zorbak: We were going to use Twig as the puck.

Twilly appears.

Twilly: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?

Zorbak: Mind your own business! Shouldn't you be getting kicked around by someone?

Player: Wait... so where did all of these undead come from then?

Zorbak: Doomwood, outside of Amityvale... and since you broke of these I am headed there to get more.

Someone outside screen: DOOOOM!

Zorbak: Oh, looks like there is one left. Meh heh heh... dang, I wanted that one to be my ghoulie (goalie- not said by Zorbak).

Zorbak: Later.

Zorbak teleports away.

Question marks of Twilly and player.

You fight Deadwood Destroyer.


Deadwood Destroyer has no extreme mode (yet). There are no Run Away or Heal options. There is now an extreme mode and your character is automatically healed when he/she clicks on the Friday the 13th war icon.

23:59, 20 April 2007 (EDT)