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Douglas Digg



"Greetin's traveler! Welcome to the minin' town of Lymcrest! I'm Douglas Butterscotch Tummybundle Digg Jr... But you can call me Doug."

Important text

Who are you?
"I'm Doug Digg. Lymcrest has been my home as long as I can remember. My family moved here 89 years ago when I was just a pebble."
"I'm the one who uncovered the door to the labyrinth a few days ago while followin' a particularly rich vein of samsonite."
"Most of the other miners, both human and dwarven, are too frightened to go down there, but not me! I've never met a cave I didn't like."
"I made it all the way down to the second floor. It's toughter than it looks, hero. If you want to neat my record, you're welcome to try!"

"Until recently we were a happy little minin' town, where humans and dwarves worked together to make our town great."
"We are very different races but none of us ever let that get in the way of gettin' the job done... and we all love what we do."
"Minin' is hard and dangerous work, but everyone here has a very special connection to the earth. It's hard not to when you wear dirt all day."
"Then, the dark times started. Suddenly, all the elementals went nuts and the river caught fire and wouldn't go out."
"It has't been easy for us. WE ship ore and stone to every town and smithy in Alteon's kingdom! People are countin' on us!"
"Let me tell ya, it ain't easy pannin' for gold and silver when you're up do your knees in fire."
"We also need to the river to power the smeltin' plant. You and Warlic have hlped a great deal but if somethin' doesn't change soon..."
"This town, and all the minin' families here will have to pack up and leave. The town of Lymcrest will just dry up and die."

"Aye, I know the Blue Mage. He's a friend of Lymcrest...always has been. In fact, he's a bit of a local hero."
"Until you showed up, he was the only one who would come to help us with the elementals. If not for him, things would be much worse."
"Whenever he came to town for supplies he would always have a kind word for everyone he met."
"He may seem a little tight-laced from time to time, but he's got a heart the size of a boulder under these robes."
"Warlic has a knack with the elements. He can freeze fire, and confure rocks out of thin air."
"I've never seen someone with power of the elementals like he has."
"I'm just glad that he's on our side! You too! As long as you both stand with us, Lymcrest has hope!"

"A while ago there was a young human named Xan who lived here. He always had a talent for magic."
"He was always a pain...always actin' like he was better then those around him."
"Last I heard, he was settin' off for the magic school in Swordhaven. You don't think this pyromancer is the same Xan, do you?"

"Am I the first dwarf that you've ever met? I ain't suprised. We tent to keep to ourselves."
"You humans seem to keep to the topside, unless you're spelunkin' for treasure or some cave dragon stole your beloved."
"There's a whole world down there that you've barely scratched the surface of."
"Maybe one day your travels will take you to one of the great Dwarven kingdoms, and you'll see the wonders deep beneath Lore's crust."
"Let me know if you're plannin' a trip. My cousin Brollybrap is an undertravel agent. He'll get you a great deal!"


  • Set Home Town
  • Heal and Refill Potions


As the March 28, 2008 design notes said, he will have one or two shops, selling you temporary weapons, to aid you at the Labyrinth.



His name is a parody of the arcade game Dig-Dug, in which you essentially 'mine'.