Willowshire Burns!

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Willowshire war site
War wave featuring a new monster, The Dravir
Willowshire Burns!
Part 1 of the 16/06/06 Dragon Assault on Willowshire
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Willowshire
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: 5 Sneevil (Level 1), 14 Tog (Level 8), 13 Lizardman (Level 8), 16 Dravir (Level 12)
NPCs: Ash Dragonblade (may join as Guest), Guardian Fortuna, Guardian Chuck, Guardian Steve, Guardian Bruce, Robina (may join as Guest), Twilly
Total Experience: 1191
Total Gold: 232
Equipment Won: None


Most Importantly: You do not have to kill every monster on the screen to get a town victory.

First: Equip your ring, belt and weapon of choice. The Dravir have a -50 resistance to Wind and Energy. The other monsters do not have any resistances. Therefore, when choosing a weapon, if one weapon is far better that your others like a Doom weapon then choose it. If you have several weapons of similar strength then choose a Wind or Energy weapon from among them, if possible. (I am using my Fireproof Ring, Studded Belt and The Golden Falcon, this is to increase my chance of a critical hit). Some people may prefer a Gorillaphant Ivory Ring or other equipment. In my opinion, the ring and belt you choose do not matter that much, so choose whatever you prefer.

Second: Click on the Team up! Button and choose Yes to add Robina and Ash.

Third: Click on Mission! and READ the mission. You will notice it says you have to defeat a specific Dravir. (More on this later…) Click on Accept!

Do not go on a wholesale slaughter of all enemies on the screen like normal, this quest is different from a normal war. Stop and look at the screen and you will notice three uneven lines of enemies. At the far right in the middle of the screen is a Dravir all alone next to the large tree. He is the target. Once he is dead, you will get a Town Victory and the battle is over.

The top line is made up of 6 total battles including the end boss. You receive 416 Experience and 83 Gold.

If you hug the top of the screen you can skip the first 2 battles leaving you with 4 total battles including the end boss. You receive 272 Experience and 69 Gold.

The middle line is made up of 6 total battles including the end boss. You receive 393 Experience and 74 Gold.

The bottom line is made up of 8 total battles including the end boss. You receive 442 Experience and 95 Gold.

The point of this is speed. The top and middle lines are the fastest. Personally, I would choose the top line as it is slightly more gold and experience. However, if you are a lower level character the middle line is slightly easier but has lower gold and experience.

Fourth: The battle begins. Finally! The fastest way I have found is to do a Multi Strike/MageFury/Wild Daggers as the first attack of every battle. After that, use Robina and Ash to finish off any monsters with only a few HP left. Attack any monster with high HP yourself on the next turn. Most of the time, I am finishing off all 3 monsters on the first turn. The final Dravir only has 40 HP so these battles go fast. Do not worry about your HP or MP as they are fully regenerated the next mission.

Following this advice you can now finish three Town Victories in the time it takes to clear the whole screen for only one victory.

I hope this helps some of you brave adventurers out there who are so valiantly helping to save the town of Willowshire.

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