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Sepulchure is awesome!!

Sepulchure is so destructful and awesome. If Warlic, Artix, Rolith, and Cysero are so powerful in PVP, why can't they unite and defeat Sepulchure together?? Or maybe re-challenge Fluffy and take it down with a mech that Kordana summoned!

Well, Kordana can't summon mechs, far as I know, so that presents a slight problem.

Yea she can't Another thing, Yea they be powerful in PvP but you can't fight Sepulchure in PvP can you? how do you know he isn't MORE powerful!?

He can be found and batteled at the shadow of the wind village in tyton's last quest.


Has anyone played Adventure Quest? Because in the quest "Bloodline" I think I saw Sepulchure's master.

--Earvinempaces 11:04, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

i wish i could beat him up

Blue angel 1: i have a question my character's name is Sepulchure can i get banned just cus i have an evil npc's name? my char is lvl 54 btw ID# 78846 if you want to challenge him but anyways thats my question cus i don't want to have a char thats gonna get banned i am trying to get him with doomknight armor on in pvp but atm i don't have 20k he kinda just looks like ichigo in bankai with mask hehe :P

Who could really be the master?

I mean there are so many powerful icons in the game that it could be hard to pinpoint a good suspect. What I can say is that the Mysterious Stranger could not be it. This is because he helps the hero by selling him doom weapons and even offering them to be upgraded. Also Lord Frydae could not be it since he is so easy to beat. But it is also revealed in the Haunted House Quest that Thursday could play a big role in the story. And maybe perhaps be the Master?

After playing through the Hall of Memories in AdventureQuest, you'll be a lot more inclined to think the Stranger is up to... something. Harry Blue5 10:37, 19 February 2011 (UTC)