Pi Mae

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Pi Mae


Ninja Inn, Shadow of the Wind Village


Manager of the Ninja Inn; he hates Mae Pi, manager of the Sho'Nuff Inn.

Important text

Pi Mae: Welcome to Shadow of the Wind Village, <Character>. Your exploits have preceded you.

Pi Mae: I myself have only recently come of the Wind Village, but I've found it to be a nice, quiet place to live.
Pi Mae: I have begun to study under Master Thyton himself in the ways of the ninja!
Pi Mae: I still ... had to leave pieces of my old life behind. The treachery of those thieving pirates ... they can not be trusted.
Pi Mae:Those pirates stole something from me ... my precious ... *cough* once my training is complete, I will be able to get it back!




You can't rest in the Ninja Inn when you've equiped your Pirate Armor!!

' Why would this button work for a Pirate in a Ninja Inn? '