Mae Pi

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Mae Pi


Sho'Nuff Inn, Osprey Cove


Manager of the Sho'Nuff Inn; he hates Pi Mae, manager of the Ninja Inn.

Important text

Mae Pi: Arrr, <Character Class>! Either yer here to rest or to gab unless you have a coin fer me you can take a long walk off that short pier out there.

Mae Pi: I be Mae Pi, the keeper of this here inn. My family has been pirates fer father upon father's fathers.
Mae Pi: We're proud pirates and I don't want to hear non o' that ninja talk. Ninja are a disgrace, I say. No honor in the lot o' them.
Mae Pi: They be tricksters and cowards ... My own ... I don't care who you are, if yer a ninja, yer no friend to me.




' Why would this button work for a Ninja in a Pirate Inn? '