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None. Used to be in Undead Invasion.


Sepulchure's servant standing at his side at the end of Undead Invasion.. He gets killed by Ash Dragonblade in ArchKnight, and becomes the Un-dead servant. He was one of the three people who founded Necromancy University and was a Necromancer.

Looks like Necromancer Nicto in ArchKnight

Important text

Undead Invasion

Klatu: Mi'Lord, forgive my intrusion.
Sepulchure: Speak Necromancer.
Klatu: There... there... there was more resistance than we could have imagined. The defenders defeated my entire army of undead! I fear we have been outmatched.
Sepulchure: ...
Klatu: ... Mi'lord?
Sepulchure: Everything is going according to our Master's plan.
Klatu: !
Sepulchure: You are dismissed.

Klatu exits




Klatu is a spoof on the words "Klaatu barada nikto"; a famous line in the classic scifi film: "The Day The Earth Stood Still". These words were also quoted (as an homage to "The Day The Earth Stood Still") in the cult classic: "Army of Darkness".