Doctor When

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Doctor When




Cysero borrowed a Time Booth from him.

Important text

Doctor When walks out of the phone booth

Cysero: When.
Doctor When: You again! What have I told you about messing with time and space?
Cysero: To not do it.
Doctor When: And what are you doing?
Cysero: Nothing.
Doctor When: What are you doing?
Cysero: ...Messing with time and space....
Doctor When: You have to put them back.
<Character>: No. You don't make the rules here. Not on Lore. Were taking these Orbs and we're going to defeat the Mysterious Stranger!

Fight Doctor When




  • Doctor When is a reference to Doctor Who.
  • He is one of the strongest monsters in the game, with lots of HP. You MUST defeat him to complete the quest, and there's no catch to the battle, like Akriloth and the Frozen Claymore(increases Akriloth's weakness to ice by 250% for 50 turns).
  • Doctor When also does a lot of damage, so it is recommended to train both your END(HP) and health alchemy. Training your WIS(MP) or mana alchemy would also be good so you can use lots of good skills.
  • It is recommended to use a strong armor for battling Doctor When. I defeated him with the Kathool Adept Armour.
  • For those without strong armors,alchemy skill, WIS or END, bring a friend with you, or summon guest dragon(DA only, available after growing dragon). Doctor when will usually attack the friend, preventing you from having to take lots of damage every turn.