07/24/06 Balance day

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On Balance day all monsters, items and player stats got buffed up and even more mysterious things happened like giant hotdogs invading town!!

Schedule - Balance day #1

1:00 pm: Mortal Balancing... bas begun!
1:30 pm: fire cave monsters buffed --- should be super hard right now since the weapons have not been increased yet, but massive more exp! If you are level 12+ and playing, please give it a try! (Note: You must be insane to try this)
1:50 pm: Random monsters around the world are getting HP, EXP, and DMG buffs
2:00 pm: The Doom Crawler -- oh dear... oh no... what have we done!
2:10 pm: Massive HP buff for players. You now get 20 HP per level (instead of 5 HP)
2:30 pm: Whoops! Fixing the dungeon EXP caps now.... *looks innocent* Monsters 75% done
2:45 pm: OMG! 6,013+ users online ..... is everyone showing up just to watch us break stuff? (Do not answer that)
3:20 pm: Monsters almost done! Hotdogs have invaded town... and Cysero is on a Yogurt Break.
3:40 pm: ACK!!!!!!! We accidentally bent the EXP curve downwards so far that a single kill would level characters -- this happened for about 10 minutes and should be fixed with the proper curve now. (On a scale of 1 to 10 that mess up counts as an 11).
4:00 pm: Exp Table has been updated. It is now realistically possible to get level 25. Weapon buffs starting shortly!
4:00 pm: New Term: DPT (Damage per Turn) This is how you grade a weapon's overall power. All classes do an average of 2x DPT when used effectively. The bigger the range of damage the more wild a weapon is. Example: 5 to 5 damage is stable.... 1 to 10 damage is wild. Both are 5 DPT.
4:30 pm: Eeep, healing pads, Poisons and Potions need adjusting. Oh, and a quick note on the Exp Curve -- yes, it is must faster to level. If you were already level 20+ before the new curve, you are a god and will live your entire life knowing it. The new curve that is in place will take us to level 100 (which will be exactly 1 Million Exp for the record). Todays balances will be crazy... but ultimately they are laying the ground work for PvP, new Areas, new Skills and and a world full of fun Adventuring! Thank you for helping us work towards it!
5:00 pm: After much deliberation..... what were we thinking... this is madness... the Doom Weapons... too much doom... too much DOOM to handle!
6:30 pm: Weapon boosting in progress! Most low level weapons have been updated (There are so many!) -- we will continue boosting weapons into tomorrow -- you will know when we are done... you will know by keeping an eye on the Hotdogs!

Schedule - Balance day #2

12:00 pm: Bad math! Bad! Go to you room with no supper until your coefficients start behaving. A math bug has been fixed... Cysero, Safiria, Nythera and myself have resumed weapon boostage!
12:15 pm: The Dravir and Ghost had their damage reduced since they do multiple strikes on each attack.
12:45 pm: I printed out 60 sheets of revised weapon damages for us to enter in.... the Printer ran out of ink. Cysero had a yogurt.
1:30 pm: Maces and Axes are done... the other weapons are all about half way through!
1:40 pm: Whoops! All pets were accidentally flagged as type "cloth". We um... changed them to be "pets". Which was a lot easier than creating linen versions of our existing pets.
2:00 pm: Just realized the sun was outside... (switched A.M. to P.M.)
2:38 pm: Pets updated with elements (Slimes do poison) Only staffs are left for re-balancing! the staff is on the staffs!
2:55 pm: Reens, Rolith, Zhoom, Safiria, Cap'n Rhubarb, and Lady Tomo have a video conference open for the first time testing the upcoming pet fixes... and I think we are all a bit camera shy.
6:15 pm: That was a long Yogurt break Cysero!
6:20 pm: Weapon balancing is done! And I have a tale to share... a tale of the largest Dragon the world has ever seen. Well, actually no one has ever seen it... because it is dead. The bones of this Dragon are so huge that you could use it as the foundation of a castle. Which is wierd because there were rumors that an eccentric prince was actually trying to build a castle on top of the Dragon bones. Even stranger yet..... the Dragon remains are now missing. I mean... HOW DO YOU MISPLACE SOMETHING THE SIZE OF A CASTLE? The answer to this question and many more coming tomorrow as we begin building the biggest adventure that ever fit in your web browser!
6:25 pm: You can now equip pets in the middle of a Battle (clear your cache!)