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About Me

I'm 15 years old girl living in Poland. As you can see, I'm playing DragonFable and cannot speak English very good.

What I'm doing at DF Wiki?

I'm making pages, editing pages, deleting pages. Oh, and I'm reading articles when I want to find something (sometimes).

My characters in DragonFable

For now, I have the only one character. From time to time I make new Heroes and delete them, but DragonLord is still "alive".

Yes, he doesn't have DragonAmulet (yet).

About DragonLord

His Classes:

DragonLord has little hungry dragon named Draco.


Will be added later... maybe... one day...

Other AE games

  • In AQ Worlds: Nutka13
  • In AQ: Akiria

In AQ Worlds I'm usually on Zhoom server.