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Hello sir.Are you a staff here?May I ask some questions please?

Bern: No, I'm not Staff, but ask away, I might be able to know the answer.

SeaMaster:Okey,I was going to ask that should I modify settings for scaled monsters level 23,and by the way what is the meaning of (top) in 'my contributions' and what is the meaning of those points eg: (+36) ?

Bern: Well, honestly I don't see the point of doing that. If you want to contribute, you should visit the Wanted Categories and Pages (go to Special Pages). Now, I honestly have no idea what the Top means, but those points indicate the amount of digits added. For example, if I simply corrected a typo from "chose" to "choose", the outcome would be +1. If I changed from "choose" to "chose", it would be -1. Anything else I may help you with?

SeaMaster:Except for the 'top' thing thanks alot.