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Can someone post a map of the place? And where is the health potion in the quest? Thanks!

I'm not good with the art of cartography, but I can post some directions for you so you can get through this quest as soon as possible.

Upon clicking the quest button, you will go through a conversation and then be found in the actual quest area, where you can walk around.

At the start:

Go left and up

Go left and defeat the enemy, then proceed left.

Go left and defeat the enemy. Proceed to the green circle and throw in some wasabi. Go back right. Go up through the door way.

Go to the left and defeat the enemy(s) Proceed left.

Go left and defeat the enemy. Add some wasabi to the green circle, and go back right.

Go right and down, trough the doorway. In the room you just walked into, there is a hall going right. Proceed right and battle any enemies.

Go right and down through the doorway. Go right killing every enemy, then go right through the hall and into the next room.

Another enemy and another green circle await your potentially dangerous weapons. Defeat the enemy and throw some wasabi into the green circle.

Now, its the rush to the end! Go through the rooms easily, going left, left + up, left, and left + up through the rooms, respectively.

Now, you should see the healing drink, and an enemy. Use the healing drink whenever you wish to, come back to it if you want.

Charge right, through the enemy, and then take/save the drink.

Go through the door, then charge right through any enemies there. Go up through the doorway.

Go left and through the enemies. You should be pretty low on health right now, if you haven't taken the drink, so do you best to conserve health over anything.

Go down the hall, left, and into the next room. defeat the enemy(s) and go a bit left, then up through the doorway (note, if you have not added wasabi to the first three green circles, then you will not be able to go through the door)

Finally, the end is near. If you haven't already, get the drink. The boss is somewhat hard if you aren't experienced, so do your best to conserve everything. Once you do take him down, proceed to the left, add some wasabi to the final green circle.