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Scown Drell


Oasis Inn


Various non-descript patrons of the Oasis Inn.

  • Ne'er Duwell
  • Scown Drell
  • Patron (1 & 2)

Important text

Ne'er Duwell: *mumble mumble mumble mumble* *shifty eyes* ... *mumble mumble mumble mumble*

Scown Drell: ...So you TOO can live the exciting life of a desert thug! Here... take a look on this brochure!"

Patron 1:Quiet! Do you want to get us killed?!
Patron 2: What? All I said was the Rebellion is doing more for then people than Sek Duat XV has ever done ...
Patron 2: ... They really helped the people. They stole a shipment of food and gave it to the poorest neighborhood in town.
Patron 1 :You DO want to get us killed! I DON'T KNOW THIS MAN!


  • None