Mary's Spirit

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Mary's Spirit


Mary's spirit haunts a room on the first floor of Falconreach Inn.


In lifetime Mary Grey owned the inn which was built by her family.

She was also known as Maryann.

Important text

Who Are You?

Mary's Spirit: My name is Mary Grey. I own this inn and tavern...or I once did. Things have become very confusing lately.
Player: You might be more confused than you think. The owner of this inn is Serenity, and you look like...well, i can see through you.
Mary's Spirit: Ah yes, that's right. I often forget..I died, didn't I?
Player: Looks that way. I'm sorry.
Mary's Spirit: Oh, it's alright. At least I get to stay in the Inn that my family built....and I have plenty of company.
Player: ...?


Player: Can you tell me what you know about all the ghosts wandering around the halls of the inn?
Mary's Spirit: It seems as if there is a great darkness growing in the land. All these spirits are answering the call...
Player: Call? What is calling them?
Mary's Spirit: I'm not certain. All that I know fore sure is...Doom. Just the word "DOOM".
Player: ....!
Mary's Spirit: The spirits are normally like me, peaceful. They are happy to remain where they can roam in peace.
Being drawn here has made them forget.
I can remember...most of the time...because I am still here in my home, but the others are misplaced and have grown angry.
they have lost their way and their minds and they are lashing out at you, the living.
I hope things can go back to the way they were. I miss the peace of my Inn.
Player: I will try and take care of them for you.
Mary's Spirit: Thank you <player's class>. I would like that very much. But take care, the Soulkeeper resides in the attic.
He is a powerful spirit and will not leave peacefully. Good luck.