Jimmy the Eye (NPC)

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Jimmy the Eye


Ancient Eyedols


  • Jimmy the Eye is Warlic's favorite pet.
  • Jimmy the Eye was created by the real life Warlic and Artix when they were little kids. Warlic was always drawing flying eye balls in school. This is actually a remake of an 8-color DOS game that Warlic created.
  • Jimmy the Eye has a mingame on ebilgames

Important text


<Character>: Uh oh. "CLICK" is never good.
<Character>: Classic. Oh how will I ever get out of this poorly made cage made of sticks tied together with vines?

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*


<Character>: Hmmm. Mabye not so poorly made, after all. I could either scream for help or starve to death.
<Character>: ...and screaming will just make me look like a wimp, so STARVE it is!
<Character>: Great, I guess you're here to finish me off. Wait...you're a BLUE eye. You're the good kind, right?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: What's that? You say that your name is Jimmy The Eye and Warlic sent you to rescue me?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: Of course I understand you. I may not speak fluent Blinkanese, but I know enough to get around.
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: You know where the release switch it??! GREAT, could you go hit it for me?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: Thanks JIMMY THE EYE!

After destroying idol

<Character>: Oh, hi Jimmy The Eye. What's up?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Character>: Run? Why?
*Rumble Rumble*
<Character>: Oh. I see. YIKES!


  • None