Chi Blast

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The icon representing Chi Blast.
Chi Blast
There isn't any hero more spirited than you are!
Level Required: 5
Equipment Type: Trinket
Location:Aeris Battlespire: Akira
Price:200 Dragon Coins
Sellback:180 Dragon Coins
Equip Spot:Trinket
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes

Chi Bomb

Chi Bomb Attack Icon.JPG

Level: 5

Description: Reduces Enemy Health upto 50%

Effect: Randomly gives a "charge percent" to the chi bomb. This is how much damage out of your opponents remaining health the attack will deal.

I used this as first attack on 18 Togs with 1034 hit points each, recording charge percent and damage done each time. The "charge percent" given had no relation to the percent of damage done, and the damage averaged 223 hit points.

Element: Nature

MP Cost: 20

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 30

Skills in Use