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The Raven's Nest
Hello and welcome to my little corner of the DF Wiki. I specialize in ranged weaponry, explosives, daggers, poison, and all manner of spellwork.
Still here? I suppose I should show you around. Instructions are simple. To read something, scroll down or click on the relevant entry in the Table of Contents-esque thingy.
And please, whatever you do, DON'T touch anything on my back shelf! (That's where I keep the potions, poisons, and generally nasty stuff.)

About Me

Well, there's not really much to say. I'm a chess fanatic and I play DragonFable and Mechquest in my spare time. When I'm not writing, that is. Yes, I'm a writer, and no, I have not made any money doing so as of yet. Specifically, I write fantasy. Why am I telling you this? Well, because it got me playing DF, and DF got me playing MQ. I'd been playing AQ for some time before, but I eventually quit, probably because of the server cap. The gameplay was also a bit too weird for my taste. Either that or Icouldn't catch up with the storyline, as it was too far advanced. Do you start reading books at the 70th page? Anyway, when I first signed up for National Novel Writing Month in November '07, I got four All right. Zero days in before I needed a distraction. Badly. So, while Googling potential time wasters, I saw an ad for DragonFable and said to myself, "Eh.....may as well try it out." At least I said something very similar. After ten minutes, I was hooked. The rest, as they say, is history.
Anyway, I suppose if you want to know more about me, you can call me Shadow. As for age, it's anywhere from 1 week to 23 years. I live somewhere in Missouri. It is a state in the USA.

DragonFable Characters



Name: Ariael, usually referred to as Ari
Character: Primary
Dragon Amulet: No
Character ID#: 15229045
Character Page: Clicky!
Primary Class: Mage
Secondary Class(es): Ranger,Pirate,Ninja,ChickenCow Lord
Preferred Setup: Baradaa's Skullhelm, Ring Of Recklessness, Spade's Chain Belt, Pristine Snowman, Rod of Reflection
Goals: Get to level 40. Get all weapons on wish list. Train baby dragon. Convert all staffs to their dagger equivalent. Use secondary class armors more. Get the ChickenCow Armor. And last, but not least, ask for a full DA upgrade for my birthday (though I doubt it's going to happen.)

My Wish List:

Fire: Okami's Fury
Ice: The Scranton Branch
Wind: Okami Code
Stone: Lazulite Staff
Light: Superior Luster
Dark: SkullStaff of Doom
Water: Breakwater Rod
Energy: Imperial Rod
Nature: Briarstaff
Wood: Frostvale Fir IV
Poison: Princess Point
Disease: Red Death
Silver: Quicksilver
Bacon/None: Unsqueakable Farce (Staff)
Metal: Arena Fighter Staff (Non-DA)

Belt: Spade's Chain Belt
Ring: Ring Of Recklessness
Helm:Nickto's Skullhelm
Cape: Not worth wasting an item slot on
Necklace:Not worth wasting an item slot on


What is it with werewolves and silver?
A Visit to Sunny Willowshire



Name: Hekate or Hecate
Character: Secondary
Dragon Amulet: No
Character ID#: 16594333
Character Page: Clicky!
Primary Class: Rogue
Secondary Class(es): Ranger,Pirate,Ninja,
Preferred Setup: Glint, Shiny Ring
Goals: Play her more often. Get to higher levels. Get better weapons. Use primary class armor more (see, Hekate's the polar opposite to Ari in more ways than armor color)

The Graveyard



I deleted her because I did all the research I had to. At least now if, for some odd reason, I delete Ari, I'll know how to recreate her in the least possible amount of time.

BattleOn Forums

On the forums, my username is Stelarinna. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the game(s.)