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I have a character on DragonFable, and his name is Matt the King III and he is a DeathKnight. My Character Page.

Charizard13579 20:11, 24 September 2010 (CNT)

Level: 36
Alchemy: 24 (HP)
Alchemy: 13 (MP)
Blacksmithing: 35
Battlespire Rank: 3
Gold: 6,000+
Dragon Coins: 200
HP Points: 1175
MP Points: 1275

Darkness Necrotic Sword of Doom DPT 55
Fire Sword of the Amulet (Level 30) DPT 52
Light Twinned Edge DPT 56

I am usually NOT wearing this armor. I am normally wearing the full DeathKnight set.


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