Royal Doom

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Royal Doom
Can't you just FEEL the Doom? This item requires a Dragon Amulet.
Level Required: 50
Equipment Type: Helmet
Location:Doom Helms
Price:650 Dragon Coins
Sellback:595 Dragon Coins before 24 hours / 162 Dragon Coins after 24 hours
Equip Spot:Head
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes
Notes:This helm is animated.


Crit: +4

Melee Def: +3

Magic Def: +3

Pierce Def: +3

INT: +4

DEX: +4

STR: +4

Bonus: +4

DoomKnight Special Offer
Default Necrotic Sword of Doom - DoomKnight Helm - DoomKnight Cloak - DoomKnight Armor
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  • King Alteon's helm but corrupted by darkness