Ninja VS Pirate Saga

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The Ninjas and Pirates of Sho Nuff Island are fighting for control of a legendary Wind Orb, which the Pirates call the Wind Pearl and the Ninjas call the Jewel of the Four Winds. It was Drakath who stole the orb from its original resting place in the Ruins of Kordana, but the Pirates and the Ninjas blame each other for its disappearance and started a massive war against each other.

This Saga introduced a new version of war, in which you choose which side to battle for.

Ninja VS Pirate War

War Meter

This war has finished.



Osprey Cove

Shadow of The Wind Village

Pirate VS Ninja Saga (started in 09/13/2007, ended in 10/12/2007).
An example of wave (up:Pirates ; down:Ninjas)