Captain Blackberry

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Captain Blackberry
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As Brakenberry!



The most feared pirate in the eight known seas, and captain of the Red Betty.

Important text

Captain's Orders

Captain Blackberry: Ahoy there matey, welcome aboard the Red Betty, the most feared pirate ship in the eight known seas of Lore!
Captain Blackberry: Remember to keep your hands and arms inside the craft at all times... OR I'll gut ye with me hook and feed yer giblets to the sharks!
Captain Blackberry: I may not keep my word often but I've never made a threat I wasn't willing to keep, so now ye understand how things work on me ship.
Captain Blackberry: People do what I say or they walk the plank. But IF you do what I say, then you get your share of the booty this vessel takes on board...
Captain Blackberry: ... after I get my cut o'course. It's as simple as that.
Captain Blackberry: Rhubarb says that yer pretty suave fer a landlubber... that ye get what needs doin', done.
Captain Blackberry: He may be an honor-bound idiot, but he has a good eye for talent... the eye that I didn't take from him.
Captain Blackberry: That was the last time he will let the ship's cook overcook my steak, by Triton! Har Har Har!
Captain Blackberry: Rhubarb has told me that you've gotten closer to capturing the Wind Pearl than any pirate so far.
Captain Blackberry: He explained that this Drakath guy took the Wind Pearl out from under yer nose!
Captain Blackberry:: I don't allow failure on this ship but considering yer performance so far I'm giving you a chance to redeem yerself, swab!
Captain Blackberry: I've tracked Drakath to a cave on the southern tip of the island... you'll have to take the UNDERWATER path to get to him quickly.
Captain Blackberry: I guess ye get to test the quality of those Underwater Breathing Potions the ninjas flooded the sea with. Har Har Har!
Captain Blackberry: I've a dinghy ready to take you to the cave's underwater entrance which should lead ye to Drakath.
Captain Blackberry: I understand that ye have some history with this bilge rat. Kill him if it pleases ye, but bring me that Wind Pearl back.
Captain Blackberry: I went through too much trouble tracking it down to Sho Nuff Island...
Captain Blackberry: ... and keeping it's location hidden from those poxy monks in the Temple of the Four Winds.
Captain Blackberry: Their prophecies say that the Wind Pearl will only be safe when it is returned to their temple, but I'll take good care of it. Har Har Har!
Captain Blackberry: They know nothing of the power that combining the Wind Pearl with the spell written on... but I'm saying too much.
Captain Blackberry: Just know this, <Character>... get me that Wind Pearl back and you will replace Rhubarb as my number one...
Captain Blackberry: ... you will earn your share of that power! Get moving!

Red Betty's Spell

Captain Blackberry: Good job, swab. I'm not sure what ya did in that cave but the Wind Pearl dropped Drakath off on the deck of the Red Betty!
Captain Blackberry: He seems t'be havin' some trouble getting it t'do what he wants. Har har har! He keeps screamin' at it t'do what he says...
Captain Blackberry:: ... but the Wind Pearl won't even let him leave the deck of the ship, it's keeping him on board!
Captain Blackberry: I told you that I would reward you for bringing the pearl to me, and I will honor my word! As a reward, you may finish Drakath off!
Captain Blackberry: Have fun, matey!

After defeating Drakath:

Drakath: NO! Why did the orb not protect me??!
<Character>: I'm not sure why it ever protected you in the first place. Alteon is king of this land, and that is the way it should be.
Drakath: You will pay for this disrespect, <Character>. I unlocked the orb's power once and I'll find a way to do it again!
Captain Blackberry: I don't think so, you fool.

Wind Orb rises and goes off screen

Captain Blackberry: You are BOTH fools! Now the pearl is mine and I have you both to thank for it. I'm sure you're confused, let me explain how I used you both.
Captain Blackberry: Even though Kordana is old and her magic is failing, she is still a dangerous enemy. Far too dangerous for me to risk my own life, for the orb.
Captain Blackberry: When I leaked the location of the orb to Sepulchure I didn't dream that he'd send a dim bulb like Drakath to retrieve it.
Captain Blackberry: Tracking him down was easy enough, but in order to activate the orb's power I had to have the one who possessed the orb to face "their greatest foe".
Captain Blackberry: Once the orb's magic was active, the Wind Orb was summoned here to my ship, and I have to thank you both.
Captain Blackberry: Now that the orb is here I can complete the spell that I found twenty years ago, in a strange chest floating in the ocean.
Captain Blackberry: I had the spell woven in the very boards and planks that make up the Red Betty... the ship is a living spell, that will make me a god!

The Red Betty starts to glow

Captain Blackberry: Soon, the spell will transform me into a monster that hasn't been seen in a thousand generations of sailors...
Captain Blackberry: I will be the ultimate power in the seas when I become the KING BRAKEN!

Captain Blackberry transforms into Brakenberry

Captain Blackberry: It's working! The spell is working! Soon I will be GOD OF THE SEA, and you two fools have the honor of being my first worshipers...
Captain Blackberry: ... as well as my first meal when the transformation is complete. HAR HAR HAR!
Drakath: HA! Me? Worship YOU? You look like an accident at a sushi restaurant.
<Character>: So let me get this straight... You used us to get the orb so you could complete a spell that you had written into your ship...
<Character>: ... and now you're becoming a god-powerful sea monster, but you're halfway between the Braken and Captain Blackberry right now?
Captain Blackberry: That's exactly right.
Drakath: So right now you're... Brakenberry?
<Character Name>: That sounds like the name of a breakfast cereal.
Captain Blackberry: Don't start with me... I actually know a pirate named Captain Krunch. Now... BOW TO ME!
<Character>: Bow to yourself, I'm busy. Drakath, this could get serious.
<Character>: If we join forces, just this one time, we might have the power to defeat this monstrosity. What do you say?
Drakath: I say... LET'S DO IT! I will fight by your side, <Character>!
<Character>: Really?
Drakath: HAHAHA! No! Have fun with squidward, sucker!

Drakath disappears
<Character>: That guys is such a jerk.
Captain Blackberry: Only you and me now, hero. Are you going to bow to me or am I going to have to destroy you?
<Character>: You're not a god yet Brakenberry, you freak. Let's see what kind of power you have.
Captain Blackberry: That was a mistake <Character>. Prepare to pay the ultimate price.