Ahzite Ore

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The icon representing Ahzite Ores.
Ahzite Ore
This rare ore can only be found in this jungle. Yulgar says that he can use it to forge you a new weapon out of an old one.
Type: Resource
Level: 1
Location:Bungle in the Jungle
Price:(Quest Reward)
Sellback:10 gold
Exchanged at:Yulgar's Store, Galanoth
Reward:Rewards for collecting 10 Ahzite Ore and Nature's Call:

Nature's Favor, Nature's Force, Nature's Wrath

Rewards for collecting 35 Ahzite Ore and Dirge Thorn: Briarstaff, Cutting Nettle, Thorn's Thirst

Rewards for Collecting 15 Ahzite Ore and 5 Moonglow during the Special Scavenger Hunt Event (18/7/08-1/8/08)

Jade Point