Agent 58

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Agent 58


Box of Ninjas and Jewel of the Four Winds quest.


Undercover agent!

Important Text

Agent 58 gives information about completing the quest.


Box of Ninjas: Before the Quest
Agent 58:You must be (your name Here).Ok here's the deal.This is the sneevil training dojo of a monster called Okuchi No Okami
Agent 58:He stole all of his skills from the ninjas here on Sho Nuff.He trains these sneevil to gather information which he sells to anyone.
Agent 58:There are four floors to this dojo and the information you want about Drakath will probably be kept in a Historic Dusty Barrel
Agent 58:But it might just have a Black Pearl.If I've got the wrong box, get outta there.
Agent 58:You will be able to come back and try a different box and I will have a better lead for you.
Agent 58: Remember to check the rooms of all 4 floors until you find that box.Now get outta here, you're going to blow my cover,

Jewel of the Four Winds:After defeating Drakath
Agent 58: 'throw a sai on the wind orb'
Agent 58:I think it was Steve!