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Mayor Wednesday


Amityvale Town Hall


Wednesday is the Mayor of Amityvale and is currently found leading the Town Meeting.

Important text

Wednesday: Rest at ease, all of your troubles will be addressed during the town hall meeting.

If you choose to attend meeting:

Wednesday: Alright, let's begin. I hereby call this Town Hall meeting to order. Who would like to go first.
Villager: I'll go first mayor.
Villager: This week alone we lost Freddy, Jason, Micheal ... and they just got Chucky!
Villager: Poor chucky...he was such a doll.
Villager: The worst part is no one is doing anything about it ... no one except that crazy Paladin in the graveyard.
Wednesday: OMG! Is that Paladin STILL fighting undead in there?
Villager: Yup, I just passed the graveyard on the way in and he was still there!
Villager: I heard he was cursed and will die if he does not free enough undead each day!
Villager: No way, I heard he does it just for fun. Did you hear those puns he makes when he is fighting?
Wednesday: Alright, alright! Settle down. The real reason for this meeting is that a bunch of Adventurers from Falconreach have come to town.
Wednesday: Yes, adventurers who were attacked by monsters from this area and have come to find the source.
Villager: Adventurers like the one behind me that probably does not think we all noticed him standing there this whole meeting?
Wednesday: Um, yes. Welcome stranger what is your name?
<Character>: ...
Villager: Mayor! We had a deal with the Necromancers. We keep our nose outta there business and obey curfew, and they let us be.
Villager: These Adventurers and that Paladin are going to get us in a heap of trouble!
Wednesday: That is what I thought... at first. Until I heard that they defeated the undead army at Falconreach!
Villager: Are you serious?
Wednesday: Yes. I think they ... I think they can even defeat the Necromancers!
Villager: If you are wrong ... we might as well start sizing our caskets Mayor. Hey stranger ... do you really think you can beat a Necromancer?
<Character>: *confident nod*
Wednesday: We leave our fate in your capable hands. We know you will not let us down!


The character name is probably a reference to Wednesday from The Addams Family.