Vend-Tron 3000

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The Vend-Tron 3000 Shop.
Vend-Tron 3000
The Vend-Tron 3000 entrance.
Vend-Tron 3000
"Where all your cravings come at great savings!"
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: A special locked door in the Ruins of Kordana and The Hunt Begins!
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
NPCs: None
Shop: Ruins of Kordana

The Hunt Begins

Rest: No


You need a CorDemi Codex (any type) to open the door to this shop. You do not need to be wielding the CorDemi Codex.

DPT 14 (Sword / Staff / Dagger) | DPT 2 (Key)

DPT 33 (Sword / Staff / Dagger) | DPT 4 (Key)

DPT 42 (Sword / Staff / Dagger) | DPT 5 (Key)