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DK Skull.pngWelcome to my dark corner of the abyss... Muwhahahahahaha!!!DK Skull.png

Info on me

  • I'm a level 42 DeathKnight.
  • I am an evil Paladin.
  • I am a true Master Necromancer.
  • I am almost undefeated in everything.
  • Toughest/Longest Challenge: Killing Magmaman when I was level 35 (I got lucky, BIG TIME).
  • Armor that I use often: DeathKnight, Necromancer, Paladin or Warrior depending on the mood I'm in.
  • I'm a slacker when it comes to taking part in the PvP arena.
  • I am an anime fan and a follower of both the fantasy and RPG gaming genres
  • I have a very twisted sense of humor that words cannot describe.
  • I enjoy RTS games (I only have one RTS game though)
  • I am semi-skilled with JavaScript, ASP, VBScript and CSS scripting Languages. I am also very knowledgable when it comes to both basic and intermediate HTML programing as well as some advanced e-business and e-marketing concepts as well as online sales stratagies.
  • I am a B+ student at The Louis Riel Arts and Technology Center in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba and;
  • I like pie.


My Tools of Destuction

My Tools of Destruction Gallery

My Servents of Chaos

My Servents of Chaos Picture Gallery


Base Class


Advanced Classes

14/14 You know the drill: Slash. Kill. Destroy the evidence
14/14 You know the drill: Curse. Kill. Reanimate the corpse
14/14 This was but one small step to ULTIMATE POWER! Muwhahahahahahahaha!

Rare Classes

5/5 Noooooo! To much Love! My eyes are burning! Can't breathe! Mm..must.....kk..k..kill....

My Favorite Classes

Miscellanea and Suggestions


  • I usually play DragonFable during the weekends but I do play online during the school week ever now and then.
  • I waste alot of gold on things I eventualy no longer need (Hey, leveling up happens and all weapons will lose their shine eventualy)
  • Is it just me or has this whole Global Warming thing making everybody up North misserable(ITS THE MIDDLE OF MAY AND ITS SNOWING OUTSIDE!? WTF?!!!?!?!!)


  • I think that the price of items in Dragonfable's shops should go down a bit or the selling price of high level quest drops should go up by at least 500 gold or so.
  • I think that it would be great if it did not take so darn long to farm for gold.
  • I think it would be a great idea if free player quest rewards dropped way more often than DA only items for free players
  • I think it would be a great idea if DA only items dropped way more often than free player items for DA players
  • I believe that a characters level should influence the level of the item dropped following a quests completion.
  • DragonFable Wiki should be renamed the DragonFable Encyclopedia as Wiki is far too stereotypical for a Wiki name.
  • I find that The minigame quest called "fires over oaklore" should be only 5 waves long, or players should be get anyware between 2 to 5 defenders meadles for completeing all those 20 monster waves(sure it easy, but it take up way more time and patientce than most people have to spend just trying to get enough defenders medals to make a defenders ring XIII/defenders dragon ring XIII/defenders necklass XIII/defenders dragon necklass XIII/etc...)
  • I think that a good strategy for geting people to spend more mony on Dragon Coins and Dragon Amulats would be to allow pre-paid credit cards as a payment option as they allow the individual making the purchase greater financial security.(pre-paid creadit cards can only be used if and only if the owner of the card puts money onto it, therefore hackers cant just take the card number and buy, buy, buy like they can with a normal credit card. This eliminates the chance of the owner of the card from being at risk of geting a bad credit rating because of online theivery. preaty cool, huh?)
  • ps: I know the above statement is 100% true because my sister is a banker.

My Favorite Monsters Gallery