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About Me

Hi, my name is Jop and I'm 17 years young. Like you certainly have noticed, my user name in Dragon Fable and on the DF Wiki is Seishou! On other (gaming)sites I'm most known as Hybridsoldier01 or Hybridsoldier_01.

My life is about making, and listening to, music! I'm a drummer, and I play in a band called: Clash of the Elements.

I'm a hardcore fan of Linkin Park. I'm also in their official fanclub called the Linkin Park Underground, LPU for short.

Linkin Park for life biatch! wq


Seishou's Stats

ID#: 3848224

Level: 45

HP: 1180

MP: 550

Born Bored: 11/19/2006

Class: DeathKnight

Base class: Rogue

Race: Human

Status: Ready for Adventure

Account type: Dragon Amulet holder (DA)

Dragon: Revenge in Japanese



Rogue: 14/14

Ninja: 14/14

Pirate: 14/14

Dread Pirate: 14/14

Dragonlord: 14/14

Color Upgraded Dragonlord: 14/14

Evolved Dragonlord: 14/14

DragonRider: 14/14

Ranger: 14/14

DeathKnight: 14/14

Paladin: 14/14

Necromancer: 14/14

Guardian: 0/14

ChickenCow Lord: 9/9

Pumpkin Lord: 14/14

Evolved Pumpkin Lord: 14/14

Snuggle Bear: 5/5


Blacksmithing: 35/35

Alchemy: 40/40 (+625 HP) *Darn! Why can't we train further to level 50?*

Aeris Battlespire Rank: 3rd Rank (Scrapper)





Cs Chronicle's Seishou

Cs Chronicle's Seishou

I got the name 'Seishou' from a character in a potential manga comic concept called Adauchi (working title) by Cor van der Sluis (Cs Chronicle). Seishou is Japanese for Energy. For more information and/or character scatches visit: Cs Chronicle's DeviantArt page. Cs also introduced me to Artix Entertainment and he is my best friend.

Revenge in Japanese

Revenge in Japanese

My dragons name: Revenge in Japanese is a song by the Hybrid band Papa Roach (Link) and I thought this name would fit my (or any) dragon.

A bit of the lyrics for the song 'Revenge In Japanese':

I puff on the reefer

she took the last step

and sent his ass to the reaper

chaos is what she saw in the mirror

scared of herself and the power that was in her

it took over and weighed heavily on her shoulders

militant insanity is now what controlled her

kill it before it reaches you

missiles won't it's approaching the mainland

what if it reaches the metropolitan areas

cosmopolitan areas

secure the lines prepare for departure

Babydragon Skills

December 7th, 2008

Protection: 1/200

Magic: 200/200

Fighting: 200/200

Assistance: 44/200

Mischief: 55/200

Total skillpoints used: 500/500

The training of my dragon was completed December 7th, 2008.

My Gallery

Leave a Message

So if you want to say something to me, correct me if I've done something stupid on DFwiki, or just want to ask me something, just leave a message on my User talk page!

Battle On!


Linkin Park 4 Life