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Omega Maximum-DF.png

DF Character: OmegaMaximum

ID: 6589309

Class: Warrior

Level: 43

Created: 2/27/2007

Account Type: DragonAmulet Owner

Titles: QuantumKnight

Charcter Page

About Me

Hi, welcome to my profile! I'm Omega, in real life I'm a 16-year old computer programmer. I'm a Junior this year at my local Vo-Tech, I'm taking Computer Technology there. I haven't really done anything noteworthy programming wise yet, but this coming year it's all programming. I'm really into all the games AE puts out, ever since I started playing AQ 3 years ago. I'm a pretty active contributor on all the wikis User:Al Gilman runs except for the AQ wiki which seems to be pretty much dead. If you have any questions about me or DragonFable you can E-Mail me or PM me on the AE forums.