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I am NOT gonna b on this wiki much, im on aqw wiki more now but will b on here once and a while, NOTHING on this page is accurate AT ALL!

A rock solid rule before we get to talking

I will not at any giving time give you my name unless you become a really good friend or if you are someone I already know. One other thing is I will NOT give out my address under any circumstances. Also EVERYTHING on this page is mine so no touchy. Sorry I have to start of heavy like this but you have to know the rules to play the game.

A little about me

Well I am 11 years old,turning 12 in september and am going to the 7th grade. My IQ is 135 and I am trying to become an ophthalmologist. I play ALOT of games, I have every system and no I am not rich. Anyways enough about me how about my character.



Well his name is Darkot and he is currently level 36. He was made on September 14 2007 but at that time for some weird reason I thought that DragonFable was boring, go figure. I played AdventureQuest for a long time and eventually became a level 77 guardian. Then I started playing MechQuest and became a level 20 starcaptain. So I didn't really have anything to do so I went back to DragonFable a little while ago and now I am level 36 and this is my favorite game of them all. I became a dragonlord about 1 week after I started playing again and my dragon above is Lightop.

Darkot's status

My characters stats such as luck,strength,etc. and his status such as his race level,etc without anything equipted.


Level: 36



Born: 09/14/2007

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Status: Stoked For Battle

Account type: Dragon Amulet holder (DA)

Dragon: Lightop

Darkot's stats







Darkot's class stats

There are ALOT of classes that I am NOT training and the ones below are the only one's that I am interested in and no offense to the people who like the classes that I am not training.

Ninja: 14/14

Dragonlord: 14/14

Color Upgraded Dragonlord : 14/14

EvolvedDragonlord : 14/14

DragonRider : 14/14

DeathKnight : 14/14

Paladin : 14/14

Necromancer : 14/14

Guardian : 14/14

ChickenCow Lord : 9/9

non-class stats

Blacksmithing: 35/35

Alchemy: 38/40 (595+)

Aeris Battlespire Rank: 2st Rank (Amateur)

Darkot's Item's

This section show's what weapons,armour,collectibles,and pets my character currentaly has.

Darkot's Weapon's

Darkot's Pet's

Darkot's Armour

Darkot's Collectibles

Darkot's Gallery


The light side!
The dark side!
Justice with a side salade!
What do I gaurd!
My undead dog chews on its own bones!
Quick hide lightop from Galanoth!



My dragon Lightop is the revers of my character's name. He is LIGHTop and I am DARKot so he keep's my guy from going to the dark side.

Current Babydragon skills

Protection: 0/200

Magic: 1/200

Fighting: 81/200

Assistance: 0/200

Mischief: 0/200

Total skillpoint's used: 82/500

  • I'm training my dragon's Fighting skill now
  • Current element is light


If you want to talk or anything then just go to my talk page. Thanks --Darkot

P.S. If I forget to update my page if anyone has the time could you please update it by all of the information obtainable on my character page, I would really opreceate it and my character page is here[1] or if you can't then just leave a message on my talk page to remind me, Thanks --Darkot