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He is a Dragonfable Lover. He is level 36 Warrior called Peter. He currently lives in New Zealand

His Weapons are:

Stone:Lazulite Blade

Energy:Imperial Shortblade

Poison:Blade of Fury (Level 32)

Water:Longshore Blade

Fire:Okami's Fire

Ice:Icy Sword

Nature:Naner Six

Metal:Corsair's Rapier

Wind:Shinto Sword


Silver:Movement Blade

Bacon:Unsqueakable Farce

Darkness:ShadowReaper of Doom

Light:Blinding Light of Destiny


Cape:Gray Villains Cape

Ring:Starry Ring

Helmet:Blue Ninja Mask

Necklace:Thursday's Necklace

Belt:Spade's Chain Belt

Important Stuff:

This character has NO Dragon Amulet!!!

He also has NO DragonCoins!!!

This character has NOT been level hacked... ...Or gold hacked!!!

This character started playing in 2007!!!

The ID NUMBER :21309121

This GUY is only 10!!!