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User:Advanced Lord
ō You guys are son of the (insert word)! ō

Adam: 7344783

  • Level: 43
  • Race: Human (if its not human, I'm an undead...)
  • Class: Like some characters, Warrior and lotsa other class. Did I mention that the DragonSlayer armor sucks?
  • Id/Character Page: [1]

My goal

  • Kick Fluffy's ass!
  • Kick Fluffy's ass!
  • And finally, kick Fluffy's ass!!!
  • Actually my goal is to reach level 50...
  • Get Greg.

My Skills:

DragonFable Book of Records

  • Highest damage:644 Energy
  • Making A Character looks like Another Character:Sephiroth!!!(e.g:User:DeathKnight has Spiderman!!!)
  • Beating Magman while I was Level 43.(well its not much of a record)

My Gallery