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Hi, I'm Actreal.

I'm new to Dragon Fable, but experienced in wiki editing.

I think wikis are the best way to share information about a game, particularly one that updates weekly, as any fixed FAQ or walkthrough would need constant updating by the author.

I'm currently hoping to help crack the formula for scaled monster HP/MP.


They are both weapons, by the way.--Harbinger of Death 18:47, 5 December 2007 (EST)

Typo Collection

Collection of all current typographical errors in the game for eventual suggestions to Artix and his team:

  • Serenity in her introduction: Have you been helping to protect our town form the undead?
  • A Hero is Bored bonus gold: It is your lucky day! You can use gold to by weapons and other items at shops.
  • Oaklore Keep gates: For saftey, the Keep gets shut behind you. Onward, TO FALCONREACH!