Unlucky Doom Essence

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The icon representing Unlucky Doom Essence.
Unlucky Doom Essence
This Item Requires a Dragon Amulet. It gives off an eerie feeling. If you have already upgraded your Doom Weapons once in Crystal Clear Lake, bring 5 of these to the Mysterious stranger for a SECOND upgrade!
Level: 8
Location:Haunted Castle, Unlucky Waves, Beach Vacation Invasion!, Friday The 13th - Part III, Friday 13th Invasion!, Invasive Species!, AmityVillian
Sellback:75 Gold


  • Upgrades Doom Weapons to Unlucky Doom Weapons.
  • Upgrades Unlucky Doom Weapons to Mighty Doom Weapons.
  • Upgrades Mighty Doom Weapons to Dread Doom Weapons
  • Upgrades Dread Doom Weapons to Heartless Doom Weapons
  • Upgrades Heartless Doom Weapons to Obsidian Doom Weapons
  • Upgrades Obsidian Doom Weapons to Forsaken Doom Weapons
  • Upgrades Forsaken Doom Weapons to Grim Doom Weapons
  • Upgrades Grim Doom Weapons to Dire Doom Weapons
  • The most that you can have at one time is 30