The Storm

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The Storm
Before: What is going on at the tower?
After: The Blue Mage is dead, witness the rise of the Purple Mage.
Location Info
Level Required: 10
Location: Warlic's Region; Nythera
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Bugbear, Dirty Sockmonkey, Laundry Golem, Agitated Orb
NPCs: Warlic, Nythera, Cysero
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: Swords





  • You do NOT fight Nythera at the end of the quest.
  • There is no boss in this quest.
  • ALL drops are energy-type.
  • Since Frostvale Chapter 3 doesn't have a war, according to Nythera, there maybe an Elemental War! This has been confirmed to be true as well. FALCONREACH HAS BEEN DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!