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  • This item can be used by anyone and can be used by clicking on the Dragon Amulet at the bottom of the page.
  • If you choose to go to visit Dr. Voltabolt, when you choose go to town the screen will be the same that it was when it was released The Killguin Arena
  • Although you may not have defeated the Hydra or the bandits before entering Falconreach, you may click "Go To Release" to travel to Falconreach without a problem (possibly a glitch)
  • From Friday 2/04/2010, the quest log was completely updated, now divided into storyline, towns, quests, Badges and features.


  • First you Click on the Dragon Amulet at the bottom of the page...
  • Then you click on the quest log icon...
  • Now you can access this by clicking on the chest which is on the right of the Dragon Amulet.


Currently a few of the quests in the areas cannot be reached as they are yet to be released though they can be visited by clicking on the left hand side icon saying 'Visit "Name of Place Here"'.

Places that are complete

Places that have not completed the list of quests

Places that can't reach quests but can be visited


Places that cannot be visited