The City Fights Back!

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The City Fights Back!
Popsprockets self-defense mechanism was engaged at the end of the assault by the Cyklons and Sepulchure. Whats a city to do when its magically attacked? Why, fight back, of course!
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Popsprocket
Dragon Amulet Needed: Yes
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Same
Monster List: Simas Prime (Scaled Level), Simas Prime X-Treme (Scaled Level)
NPCs: Yix, Mysterious G., Airheart, Kixi, Zank, Gnix, Zapp, Simas Prime
Total Experience: 3001
Total Gold: 500 gold
Equipment Won: Female Goggle Wig, Male Goggle Wig, Gnomish Prime (DA Required), Prime-time Helm