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Can you trade items/weapons in dragon fable?, if so how?

No, there is currently no way to trade. -QueenBowie 21:53, 29 March 2008 (EDT)


Could we have a secion that categorizes the weapons by Element and subcategorized by Level?

just a suggestion --Mildina 05:52, 5 April 2008 (EDT)

Can you get dragoncoins with sell weapons???

Doom/Destiny Weapons

Should we make sub topics for Doom Weapons and Destiny Weapons? DeathKnight 23:02, 9 July 2008 (UTC)

  • Makes sense to me, considering that there are so many different ones now, but instead separate lists for both, how 'bout one subcategory for both? you are talking about making an area for doom/destiny weapons like the way there is an area for scythes, daggers, maces etc. right? ~Exodus74

Weapon Pics

SHouldn't the weopon pics be the weopon previews?