Sir Vivor

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Sir Vivor


Oaklore, leftmost screen, outside infirmary.


Another Knight of the Pactogonal table, Sir Vivor has no problem putting life and limb on the line for the sake of exploration.

Important text


Sir Vivor: Hey, watch this! We developed the fastest way to travel in the Kingdom!

Sir Casm: Ohh yeah... This is reeeeeaallly going to work.....

Sir Vivor: If it does work... maybe we can find the ancient ruins containing Sir Jing's Legendary Lightning Blade!

Sir Casm: Suuuuure we wiil. Just like the last dozen times we tried, right?

Sir Jing's Weapons

Sir Vivor: Sir Jing was once a great Knight of the Pactogonal Table...

Sir Casm: Ohh yeah... he was soooooo great.....

Sir Vivor: All of the other knights called him "Sparky" because of his special energy weapons. But they were lost long ago in the Ruins. I think that those storm elementals are guarding them but I can't get close enough. Want to try?

Explore Ruins

Sir Casm: We knights just loooovve going to the Ruins. The locals are just so friendly.

Sir Vivor: He's talking about the Vurr'Men. They are rat people who have taken over the ruins and won't let anyone close them without attacking.

Sir Casm: We could reeeaaallly use your help in clearing some of the Vurr'Men out of the Ruins.

Sir Vivor: Actually Sir Casm, we really COULD use this hero's help.

Sir Casm: I know...that's what I said.

Sir Vivor: Ok. Sometimes it is hard to tell with you.


The pair are a portal for two quests:


Sir Jing's Weapons and The VurrMen Ruins


  • His name is a pun of the word "Survivor".
  • He is killed by undead army reaching to Swordhaven in AdventureQuest Worlds