Sir Kuss

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Sir Kuss inside an outhouse.


Oaklore; during The Worst Prank Ever quest


A pactogonal knight that is on the receiving end of The Worst Prank Ever!


Sir Kuss: ...Hmmm, I should bring this Daily Dragon article back for Sir Valance. He loves sneevils.

<You>: Sir Prize sends his regards!

Sir Kuss: Oh no, not again...

<You>: Surprise!

Sir Kuss: ...oh.....oh my.....oh man, it's EVERYWHERE!

Sir Kuss: It's in my Sneevil wounds...

Sir Kuss: WHY... why would you DO this?.. You're not even getting any experience for this!

Sir Kuss: You... you're just... you're MEAN. That's what you are. (Oh man, this will never wash off).


His name is a pun of the word "Circus". You can find him in AdventureQuest Worlds before entering the chaos crypt.