Sir Kull

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Sir Kull


Oaklore keep, top floor.


One of the Knights of the Pactogonal Table.


Sir Preem: Welcome brave Hero! We are the Knights of the Pactogonal Table and we welcome you to join us in tales of glory and adventure.
Sir Gent: Our greatest threat is the Vurr'men attacks on our keep. I am concerned that my man will soon be overrun.
Sir Preem: ... and soon we must resume our quest for Firfir's rumored Semi Holy Crande Pumpkin - spice Cappuccino.
Sir Tax: Oooh, oooh, and then we can tax all the villagers until they cannot afford food! Then we can send in thugs to beat them up!b
Sir Preem: Sir Tax, you do realize the Knights of the Pactoganal Table are good guys...right?
Sir Tax: Oh! Right... sorry.... Whew, almost blew my cover there.
Sir Tax: Um.... To the Knights of the Pactogonal Table!


Sir Kull: Sir Tainly... *coughs* Certainly you must be joking? The Pactagon is one of the most basic shapes!
Sir Preem: The Pactogram is an essential part of everyday life with nearly unlimites uses! Just one look at our table should prove that!
Sir Tax: The Pactogram is a symbol of everything that is good and just! All Hail the Knights of the Pactogonal Table!
All: Hail! Hail!
<Character> Ooookay...


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Knights of the Pactogonal Table, from left, Sir Gent, Sir Preem, Sir Kull and Sir Tax