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Sally's appearance during Frostval 2008


  • Blonde girl, appears to be about 6 years old.
  • She seems to like playing with zombie parts.
  • Sally is grabbed by the Armadeadon and you must rescue her!
  • She's ebil, ebil I tell you EBIL!!!!!!!!!
  • Since you defeated Noxus, she's now the new master of the Necropolis!


Moonridge: Saved!, Toys 'R Dangerous, Noxus Fumes, Master of the Necropolis,Cookies!

Important Text

Moonridge: Saved!

Sally starts poking something under the stage with a stick

Mother: Sally, get out of there this instant! I thought I told you to stop playing with the ...


Sally: But Mom, Look! When I poke this thing under the stage with a stick ... it moves! Hehehehe!

Armadeadon bursts from under the stage.

Toys 'R Dangerous

Sally: Hi, <Character>! Did you see all these great toys?!
<Character>: Sally? What are you doing here?
Sally: Some of the necromancers came and got me. They said that they wanted me to test some TOYS!
<Character>: Are you sure that they didn't say that they wanted to test the toys ON YOU?
Sally: ...something like that, yeah!
Sally: ANYWAY! They said that I could keep as many of them as I wanted!
<Character>: Sally... are you aware that there is a war going on here in the Necropolis? You could get hurt.
<Character>: You should probably come with me back to Moonridge. I'm sure your mother is worried sick!
Sally: Oh fine. Can I at least take one of the Scary Dolls with me?
<Character>: Better leave those here. If this place is still standing after the war, you can come back for one then.

Noxus Fumes

After completing the quest, Sally comes into Necropolis and now has a "Giant Play House"

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