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Crafting Page
Resource Shop
Yulgar has given you free use of his forge, if you complete a few simple blacksmithing tasks for the inhabitants of Falconreach. After training your skill up, you will be able to make your own weapons!
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Yulgar's Forge, Hunter's Paradise
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
NPCs: Yulgar, Teral
Shop: Items for crafting weapons
Rest: No

How it Works

  • You train with Yuglar using the "Train Blacksmithing" button.
  • He will give you instructions and an example on how to create specific weapons.
  • You then attempt to make weapons based on their descriptions, using the items available (see image above).
  • If you are successful, a dice will be rolled; and if your rolled number exceeds the number for training, you will gain a skill point(s). This is based on your chracter's level.
  • Once you are successful enough, you can attempt to make real weapons using the ingredients in the Resource Shop (see above).