Race to the Judgement Wheel

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Ravenloss war site
The War Choices, there are about 5 activities you can do
Race to the Judgement Wheel
The Only War in Ravenloss
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: Ravenloss
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Chaos Weaver Artisan (Scaled Level), Chaos Weaver Beggar (Scaled Level), Chaos Weaver Soldier (Scaled Level), Chaos Weaver Noble (Scaled Level), Underachnid (Scaled Level), Cave Creeper (Scaled Level), Deathwidow (Scaled Level), Greedling (Scaled Level), Backalley beetle (Scaled Level), Vitality Embodiment (Scaled Level), Fortune Embodiment (Scaled Level), Charm Embodiment (Scaled Level)
NPCs: Tomix (may join as Guest), Ptolemy
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: Defender's Medal, ChaosWeaver Runes, ChaosWeaver Baubles, Nitro Sponge Specialist, First Class, RavenLoss War Chest, Ptolomy Purchase, Ravenloss War Rewards


You can fight with Greed's Minions or ChaosWeavers, as well as the Catapult Mini Game where you can defend the ChaosWeavers from heroes like yourself, attack the ChaosWeavers or attack the Embodiments. We now can also do the bossfight with Greed as boss.

Preludes and cutscenes

Prelude to War

Weaving Threads of Chaos
Since the death of their Queen at the hands of the interlopers, lost and unsure ChaosWeavers have been staggering about the city, searching for a purpose and a leader, knowing only that the seed of rage taking root inside of them will begin to grow, and grow fast.
'A susurrus of whispers is echoing through the streets of Ravenloss, calling to individual ChaosWeavers and groups alike, enticing them into the shadows, where secrets and plans are being made. Passed from soldier to noble, artisan to guard, what two weeks ago was a scattered, broken nation has formed into an army of warriors bent on the destruction of those who have violated their race: the greedy Spirit and the SoulWeaver, the Hero, the Spy. Enemies of the Nation, enemies of each other.
The urgency of the whispers bores into the hearts of each ChaosWeaver who hears them. The message, passed from warrior to warrior, is this:
There is no meaning to the adage "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." The ChaosWeaver Nation has no friends. The ChaosWeaver Nation has no leader. But each ChaosWeaver is a warrior trained and a hero born. We will fight until those who have wounded our Whole are rent into pieces, good only as carrion to feed scavengers. Our race will rise again. We will take down those who would hold us back; we will climb over their corpses until we reach the AboveGround. We will take back Ravenloss, and then we will soar higher until we are dancing under the open skies as their cities burn. The battle is for our city. The war is for our Nation!
The shadows suffocating the dark undercity were once empty, stretching tendrils of inky black towards any point of light hapless travelers might dare to bring below the surface. But now, oh now, the shadows are filling, and they are filling rapidly. Filling with the sounds of a frenzied Nation poised to rage into action.
Immortality the Goal
Stepping through the Gate is like walking through a waterfall; power slowly washes over you, coursing down your skin and soaking inside you, covering you in a thin layer of chill that vanishes with a POP, remisiscent of a bubble bursting, as you break through to the other side. Find yourself standing on the edge of an island in the middle of the Void. Welcome to Pellow Village, once a part of Ravenloss, but now ripped from the land it was formed in, left to float in isolation. Containing power and greed, hunger and ambition, trapping them in a place where they can do no harm. As long as the Gate stayed locked.
But all that has changed now. A lone figure hurries through the streets, pausing every now and then.
Mine mine mine, it will be MINE! Here little undertog, hello lovely deathwidow, hellow ugly sneevmole. Come to me, here to me, feel me weave inside your mind. Remember the SoulWeaver, the Hero, and my pretty pretty oh so pretty girl. Remember them and keep them from following me!
Past the building, through the shadows, oh the shadows, deep dark shadows. On my way to destiny! On my way to immortality! No one will stop me, no one CAN stop me! The power will be mine!
The Hero is NOTHING. The SoulWeaver is a FOOL. Tainted by magic he does not understand. And more prey than predator. They are nothing to fear! And my little lovely one, she has turned against me. She would have stayed with me, she would have been mine all mine all mine, but now she is dead to me. I will take her to the Other Side and leave her there, where no one else can have her!
Aaaah, you are a funny creature! You feel like the spiders, but not. I do not have time to understand you. You will become my creature! Do you like the feel of me inside your mind? Can you feel the stirrings of greed inside you? Yesss? YESSSS? You will guard my back, too! ALL the creatures of Pellow Village will guard my back!
Down the street, around the corner. Evidence that the villagers went mad! Look into the eyes of the children. The ones who learned to be nothing aren't sad! I am the voice of reason! I am the power that will be! The Judgement Wheel will be mine, and Greed will become all that IS!
The ruins of old buildings line the streets, concrete corpses of a time long gone. Empty of life, no more than shells. The darkened windows resemble lifeless eyes, silently watching the streets. Creatures stalk the avenues and alleys of Pellow Village, eyes glazed over, entraced by the weavings Greed tied into their minds. Hungry to attack the enemies of their new Master.
This is the future of Lore if Greed reaches the Judgement Wheel and grasps the mantle of immortality. The fate of the world rests with you, hero!

Meeting Vaal

The Creator of the Judgement Wheel, Vaal.

You and Tomix are in the middle of Pellow Village. The place you're in looks like the Market District and has the same statue. The statue is Vaal, that you awaken. The hero flatters Vaal and compliments him in order to get information out of him. Vaal tells you about origin of the Judgement Wheel, Embodiments and ChaosWeavers. He tells why he was imprisoned in Dark Tower by Queen Kkharinna. It turns out that the Judgement Wheel refused to grant Vaal's wish after it judged it to be wrong, due to a Priest making it judge things a safety feature unbeknownst to Vaal. The Wheel then unleashed a disease that caused all of the ChaosWeaver's to become spiders. Because of this, the Queen imprisoned both Vaal and the Priests, though Vaal escaped. Vaal also reveals that Pellow Village is not in Ravenloss, Ravenloss is just a portal to it, with Pellow Village floating somewhere in the Void. At the end of cutscene, Aspar makes plans.

The End?

Greed's human form!

Greed manages to obtain the Judgement Wheel, and uses its power to become what he believes to be an immortal human. Tomix tries to attack but his Spirit-Looms are destroyed. You battle Greed and during the fight the Judgement Wheel is destroyed, as it was not meant for battle. It is revealed that the Judgement Wheel judged Greed's wish and did not grant him immortality, and may have actually made him weaker. Vaal arrives and destroys Greed's spirit, and tells your character that they will meet again in the above ground. The scene changes to just outside the gate and Tomix is talking to your character and Riadne. It revealed that Riadne might be possessed be Envy, who may be Aspar. This fact is supported when Lust shows up and tells Tomix someone in his live is not who they appear.


  • You will need about 1000 Defenders medals to get the Ravenloss Warmonger Scythe.
  • You should have about 200 ChaosWeaver Runes for a good reward and 15 more for a secret cutscene at the end of the war.
  • Waves are a lot easier when Tomix is not added as a Guest.
  • If you use the ChaosRager set on the ChaosWeavers, it's a lot easier!
  • You can buy Judgement Wheel replicas in the RavenLoss War Chest for DragonCoins.
  • Ever since the war ended in the Falconreach Ravenloss war button,you can no longer get ChaosWeaver Rune]]s.
  • When the War was first released, clicking the button in Falconreach will get you here, even if you didn't unlock it yet!