Queen of Tarts (NPC)

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The Queen of Tarts


Aria in Wanderland


The Queen of Tarts is actually or looks surprisingly like Lady Vayle.

Important text

Aria in Wanderland

Queen of Tarts: So, my Knave of Tarts tells me you're looking for the little spy. The one that Falconreach bakery witch sent to steal my tart recipe!
You: Oh, no, Your Highness. She's just an apprentice.
Queen of Tarts: An apprentice spy! So you admit it! And so you're a spy, too, I assume?
You: What? No!
You: No, Aria and I aren't spies. She's a wannabe Beastmaster, and I'm a Warrior.
Queen of Tarts: Disguises, I'm sure. Spies certainly wouldn't claim to BE spies, now would they?
Queen of Tarts: Which only serves to prove that I'm correct.
You: But- Wait- No-
Queen of Tarts: You'll find, you miscreant, that I am as widely known for my ability to logicize as I am for my tart recipe!
Queen of Tarts: Now, guards! Off with his head!
Queen of Tarts: I can't wast any more of my time with her. I have tarts to bake.


The Queen of Tarts is based of The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland