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The Body Shop


Another non-descript undead servant who works as a professor in "Necro U".

Important text

Professor: And that concludes the lecture portion of the class, now I will need a few volunteers for the lab portion.
Student: How about the new guys?
<Character> and Artix: NO!
Professor: I beg your pardon?
<Character>: Uh ... we missed the lecture. Maybe you should pick someone else...
Professor: No, I think this will help you remember to get to class on time.
Artix: May I be excused? I need to use the restroom.
Professor: You should have thought of that on your way to class.
<Character>: Can I go to the nurse's office? I feel sick.
Professor: Hmmm ... Yes, you may.
<Character>: Really?!
Professor: Certainly, we get most of our body part "donations" from the nurse's office.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: I'm feeling better.
Professor: Excellent, then let's get to the lesson, shall we?

Professor: For safety reasons we will watch you from outside the lab.
Artix: "Safety reasons"?
Professor: Eventually, young necromancers, you will learn to create creatures using your own dark powers ...
Professor: However, for now we will use the university's SNM (Simplified Necromantic Monstermatic)
Professor: All the control that you need are right in front of you.
Professor: Use the Creature Claw to grab the 3 spare parts from the Part Pit.
Professor: As you grab them, the 3 spare parts will show up in the revival jars located against the wall.
Professor: Once you have all 3 parts, use the SNM to create your monster and we'll see what you come up with!
<Character>: That sounds easy enough...
Professor: Oh be careful, sometimes the claw will grab an undead monster that is still partially functional.
Professor: They WILL try and attack you. Just use your ability to command the undead to drive them back into the pit.
<Character>: That could be a problem.
Artix: Oh BOY!
Professor: And be VERY CAREFUL in there... that SNM is not cheap.
Professor: If you damage the lab, it will slow down monster production for Sepulchure.
<Character> and Artix: !!!

After defeating the monster:

<Character>: Heh, yeah. Sorry about that. That creature had to be destroyed. It was out of control.
Professor: Of course it was. YOU were supposed to be controlling it!
Professor: Master Noxus will not be pleased, but there's nothing we can do about it now.
Professor: This lab was VERY expensive. You will be hearing from the Necro. U. Accounting Department ...
Professor: ... Now let me see your Student I.D. ...


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Professor's students in class